My first published game and my first completed game jam

I made my first game in BASIC on a ZX Spectrum in the late 80s. It was rubbish and all my friends were programming on C64, but I shared it with friends and most agreed it was rubbish. Still it was my work and it did work. In the years following i've tried to recapture that Speccy golden era :/ but the closest i've got is a naff Football game in Visual Basic 3. 

Fast forward about 20 years, the A game by it's cover 2017 game jam really caught my imagination. I picked a cover at random  - or at least what passes for random in C# - and managed to get a really difficult one called about 2 minutes, please wait. From the picture and translated description it seemed to be quite naughty. Something about hanging about for 2 minutes and a lady will show you stuff. In a rush I made the decision that folk wouldn't hang around for two minutes, so instead put all the action in the first two minutes. I've gone with the risque theme though. Hey the random gods chose it, I cannot disobey the Gods of Random.

I chose to use Unity and C#. My day job is with C# and there's lots of documentation and help online for Unity. My goodness did I need that! I'm no artist, but Hexels 2, GIMP and were very good. I was especially impressed with Hexels 2. I'll try and blog at some point about why I chose Unity and my experience with it.

Skip to the end... This has been a lot of fun. I'm entering it into the Jam because... well because I spent ages on it, but learnt some new skills. I might try and finish it. Despite my original reservations on the game I chose, I think I took it in a more slapstick direction whilst keeping with the theme. When I feel more creative i'll blog about my experiences developing this game. Thanks for reading.


2 Minutes 2D - Build 14 MB
Sep 26, 2017

Get about 2 minutes, please wait.

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